Answered By: Amy Krug
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Primary original research studies are available in many of the Library's databases, but you may want to consider searching:

  • Psychology Database (ProQuest Psychology Journals)
  • Psychology Collection
  • Academic OneFile
  • Academic Search Complete

Most databases do not allow you to limit your search to primary original research only - you will need to:

  1. search for peer-reviewed or scholarly articles on your topic; and
  2. then look through the search results to find articles that describe primary original research.

Search Tips: CTRL+F or Command+F

Control+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac), is a keyboard shortcut for the Find command when using a web browser.

A primary source research study will always contain a method or methodologies section as part of its formal document structure.

Find an article on your topic and then look to see if there is a method section in the article:

  • press Control+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac) to bring up a search box;
  • type in the word method; and,
  • the web page will show where that term first appears on the web page - you may need to use the search box's next arrow to see additional uses of the word method on the web page.

Search Tips: Adding Keywords to Your Search

Adding certain keywords to your search may improve your chances of finding primary original research articles:

  • empirical
  • research
  • experiment
  • study
  • results and method*


  • pet therapy and results and method*
  • teens and marijuana and experiment
  • children and television and study
  • domestic violence and empirical
  • research and developmental college students