Answered By: Amy Krug
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018     Views: 6597

Google Scholar is a resource for finding research articles - as with any information source, remember to evaluate it carefully.

Articles in Google Scholar come from a variety of sources posted to the Internet. Some articles may not be the final version of record since publishers often restrict researchers from posting the published version of the article for free on the Internet - "pre pub" articles.

Another issue is availability of the full text of the articles through Google Scholar - there may a great article listed, but it isn't particularly useful if you can't actually read the full text. If the full text is not available via Google Scholar, check for the full text in a library database:

  • set your Library Links to have Google Scholar identify full text article availability in the search results:
    • In Google Scholar, click the Menu symbol ☰
    • Click Settings>Library Links
    • Type Howard Community College
    • Check the boxes for the Howard Community College options
  • look up the journal name in the Journals A-Z tool to determine which/if the date needed is available full text
    • Access Journals A-Z
    • Type journal name
    • If journal is listed, check coverage dates
    • Connect to database - copy/paste article title in database search box to get to article

It may be more efficient in the long run to use library databases - limiting to full text articles in accomplished by just checking the full text box.

Also, with Google Scholar, students may not be using the best articles since they may only use articles that are available to read.  

Information about using Google Scholar is included on the Articles page of many of the Library's Subject Guides.