Answered By: Justin Thomas
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015     Views: 29

You can find both primary sources and secondary sources in academic journals (they publish both) through the HCC Library's databases.

However, if you are specifically looking for a primary source that is research based (as say, opposed to a primary source such as a historical account written by someone who lived it first-hand, for example), it is recommended that you put the word "method" in your keyword search (if you're using one of the databases that gives you multiple search-boxes to break up the different aspects of your search, just go ahead and put it in one of the avaliable boxes in question). This is because primary sources that are research articles must have original research, which consequentially, they must detail how they conducted said research (hence, the method or methedology section, among other related sections you will see with primary research articles).

I've included a link discussing the contrast between primary and secondary sources, along with a link to our research guides and databases.