Answered By: Justin Thomas
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If you have not already tried the ProQuest Psychology Journals database for your assignment, I would definitely recommend it. "Developmental milestone" is a recognized search term for the database (i.e., you start typing in "developmental milestone" and it autofills the term)--however, be sure to put quotation marks around the two words so that the database knows you want the two words together (otherwise the two words can end up being seperated far apart from each other within the results; in fact, they might have nothing to do with each other at all).

I have included a link to the ProQuest Psychology Journals database below. Tip: When searching the database, you can put "developmental milestone" in one search box and "infancy" or "early childhood" (etc.) in the following search box--you can also click on the dropdown boxes next to the search boxes so that the corresponding search terms only return results where, for example, "developmental milestone" is in the title, or the abstract, etc.

For books, you'll want to use our catalog search to search the books the HCC Library has. I have included a link below to the advanced catalog search page. Tip: If you see an item with "[electronic resource]" after the title, that means it's an ebook--to view such an item, just click on the hyperlink that says "URL" and it will open in your Internet browser. Additional tip: If you only want to search for print books, exclusively, then click on the dropdown box for "Type" and select "Print book."

Because your assignment sounds very comprehensive, if you find that you need additional help, I would recommend coming in person to see one of our reference librarians. I have also included a link to our hours below. Good luck with your assignment!