Answered By: Justin Thomas
Last Updated: Jun 03, 2015     Views: 103

While I found many sources that called Houston Galindo's hometown, I found two credible sources that specifically stated he was born in Houston, Texas (I wanted to make sure since people's hometown and their birthplace are not always one in the same). I've included links to the two sources below.

As for the year that Galindo was born, that information is unfortunately more elusive (and so subequently his age, of course, as well). I found one (not at all credible) source that listed his age as 24 (a notion that can be dispelled by simply looking at a picture of Galindo, or considering that it says in his official press bio that he moved to New York in the 1980s to continue his work as a designer after he had already worked for the Miami City Ballet and the Houston Grand Opera). Astonishingly, the same (not at all credible) source lists his age also as 47 if you scroll down just a bit (of course, even if you were to believe this is the correct age for Galindo, the year that the website stated he was 47 is murky because the copyright is between 2006 and 2012). I have not linked to this source, of course, since it is not credible at all (nor is its domain).

To find out Galindo's birth year, I would suggest emailing and inquiring directly (I would also recommend stating up front that it is for a school project that you are writing about Galindo). Hopefully either Galindo or whomever handles his website will be obliging!